Lorrie (?)1

     She married Craig Zetwick, son of Robert Zetwick and Donna Beatrice Morse.1 She and Craig Zetwick lived in Hastings, Dakota County, Minnesota.


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Louis Mack (?)1

     He was born at Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania.1

Louis Mack (?) married Ida Carrie Dana, daughter of Laurentius Denig and Ludovica Naber.1

Louis Mack (?) was an oil producer in 1913.


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Lydia Unferth (?)1,2

F, b. 1889, d. 1958
     She was born in 1889.1,2 She was the daughter of William Unferth and Catherine Buchner.2

Lydia Unferth (?) married Charles A. Dana, son of William H. Dana and Josephine Kinney, on 14 September 1914.1,2

Lydia Unferth (?) died in 1958 at Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.1,2

Lydia Unferth (?) was buried at Calvary Cemetary, Section 5A, Row 26 on 18 June 1958 at Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin; Third Dana Burial Plot.1,3,2


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Lynette (?)1

     She married David Hertel, son of Matthias Hertel and Loretta Vorlob.1


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Mabel C. (?)

F, b. 1896
     She was born in 1896 at Wisconsin.1,2,3,4 She is the daughter of William Wamke and Edith Wamke.

Mabel C. (?) married Aloise C. Frey, son of Nicolaus Frey and Helena Klauck, at Wisconsin.2,3,4

Child of Mabel C. (?) and Aloise C. Frey


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Magdalena (?)1

     She married Martin Frick.2

Child of Magdalena (?) and Martin Frick


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Maggie (?)1

F, b. August 1863
     She was born in August 1863 at New York.1 She was the daughter of unknown (?).1

Maggie (?) lived at Plymouth Avenue in 1900 in Rochester, Monroe County, New York.


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Manfred Albert (?)1

     He was born at Alabama.1

Manfred Albert (?) married Pearl Zetwuch, daughter of Laurentius Edward Zetwuch and Cloe A. Wilcox.1

Child of Manfred Albert (?) and Pearl Zetwuch


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Margaret E. (?)1

     She married Robert Addison Ricklefs, son of Robert Nanning Ricklefs and Olive Ernestine Golly, before 1953.1


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Margareta (?)

F, b. circa 1690
     She was born circa 1690 at Fischbach, Mersch, Luxembourg.1

Margareta (?) married Henrich Masson Zimmer.2

Child of Margareta (?) and Henrich Masson Zimmer


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Marguerite (?)1

     She married Jean Wolfsfeld.1

Child of Marguerite (?) and Jean Wolfsfeld


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Maria (?)1

F, b. circa 1623, d. circa 3 October 1703
     She was born circa 1623.1

Maria (?) married (?) Weiss.2

Maria (?) died circa 3 October 1703 at age 80 years.1 She was buried on 3 October 1703 at Schwendi, Württemberg.1


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Maria Magdalena (?)1

F, b. 22 May 1781
     She was born on 22 May 1781.1

Maria Magdalena (?) married Johann Michael Haller, son of Christian Haller and Anna Barbara Haug, on 10 February 1805.1

Children of Maria Magdalena (?) and Johann Michael Haller


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Marie (?)

F, b. 1863, d. 4 November 1927
     She was born in 1863 at Wutenburg, Pomerania.1,2

Marie (?) was also known as Maria (?).1

Marie (?) married Anton Weiss, son of Josephus Weiss and Theresia Bucher, before 1890.1

Marie (?) immigrated in 1890.3

Marie (?) was naturalized in 1905.3

Marie (?) lived at 956 Downer Avenue in Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.1

Marie (?) died on 4 November 1927.1,2

The following obituary was printed in the Milwaukee Journal on 6 Nov. 1927:
Weiss: Friday, Nov, 4, Marie Weiss, beloved mother of Mrs. Alfred C. Uecke, Anthony and Theresa; also survived by two grandchildren, Marjorie and Dorothy Uecke, aged 64 years, Funeral Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 8:30 a. m. from the residence, 956 Downer Ave. to St. Robert's Church. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.4

Children of Marie (?) and Anton Weiss


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Marie Catherine (?)1

     She married Jacques Zins, son of Antoine Zins and Anne Marie Jung.2

Child of Marie Catherine (?) and Jacques Zins


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Marjorie Marie (?)1

     She married Walter Orendorf.2

Marjorie Marie (?) married Max Orendorf.3

Children of Marjorie Marie (?) and Max Orendorf


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Marlene (?)1

     She married Rodney Zetwick, son of Clayton Fidele Zetwick and Sadie Clara Rider.1

Marlene (?) and Rodney Zetwick lived at an unknown place in Ohio.


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Mary (?)1

     She married Thomas Heil.1

Child of Mary (?) and Thomas Heil


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Mary (?)1

F, b. 19 January 1819, d. 24 December 1896
     She was born on 19 January 1819 at Uchte, Hannover, Germany.2

Mary (?) married Henry Mohr on 2 February 1854 at Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.2

Mary (?) died on 24 December 1896 at Milwaukee at age 77.2

Mary (?) was buried at Cavalry Cemetery after 24 December 1896 at Milwuakee.2

Children of Mary (?) and Henry Mohr


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Mary Grace Carpenter (?)1

F, b. 1876, d. 1916
     She was born in 1876.1

Mary Grace Carpenter (?) married Thomas Ralph Hood, son of John W Hood and Augusta Jussen, in 1909.1

Mary Grace Carpenter (?) died in 1916.1


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Mary L. (?)1

F, b. 3 July 1909
     She was born on 3 July 1909.1

Mary L. (?) married J. Gordon Schneidler, son of George Schneidler and Augusta M. (?). Elizabeth Herzfeld writes that there is some uncertainty as to whether this is actually J. Gordon's wife.1


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Maryam (?)1

     She married Abolfazal Ghaffari.1

Child of Maryam (?) and Abolfazal Ghaffari


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Matilde (?)1

F, b. 1885
     She was born in 1885 at Minnesota.1

Matilde (?) married Frank Schaus, son of Matthew Schaus and Josephine Damman.1

Children of Matilde (?) and Frank Schaus


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Melissa (?)1

     She married Matt Gallagher, son of Mike Gallagher and Mary Catherine Brennan, on 8 February 1997.1


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Nancy (?)

     Nancy (?) married John Eddy, son of Clare Eddy and Patricia Slaymaker, at Tracy, CA.

Nellie (?)1



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Nellie (?)1

     She married Brady Woodham.

Child of Nellie (?) and Brady Woodham


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Nina (?)1

F, b. 1882
     She was born in 1882 at Michigan.2

Nina (?) married Maximilian Joseph Kellermann, son of Heinrich Eduard Franz Kellermann and Katharina Luber, circa 1902.2

Nina (?) and Maximilian Joseph Kellermann lived at 1407 16th Street North between 1910 and 1920 in Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan.2,3

Nina (?) witnessed the burial of Theckla Kellermann on 14 October 1931 at Our Lady of Lourdes, Marinette, Marinette County, Wisconsin.4


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Patti (?)

     Patti (?) married Brett Lee Van De Hey, son of Dean Van De Hey and Andrea (?).

Pauline H. (?)1

F, b. circa 1900
     She was born circa 1900 at Minnesota.1

Pauline H. (?) married Laurence Frey, son of Nicolaus Frey and Helena Klauck, circa 1923 at Minnesota.1


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